Decode the hidden message of logotypes, symbols and other visual languages

The Dance of the King

The Dance of the King

Decode the hidden message of logotypes, symbols and other visual languages

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A unique book exploring the origins and meanings of well-known logos, symbols, and other visual representations throughout history, media, advertising, art and culture, language, religion, science, sports, and architecture.

“The Dance of the King” teaches you to recognize the underlying messages of visual language. What can you learn from the seven liberal arts, the seven wonders of the ancient world, and the seven chakras? Answers are hidden in sunflower seeds, Black Pete, Halloween, and Noah’s Ark, among a thousand and one other topics, all connected to contemporary logos, revealing meanings that often remain hidden in plain sight.

Through this book, the author aims to demonstrate that the images you encounter daily trace back to the same source, even if different people may have other mental pictures associated with them. Above all, you will discover what symbols tell you about your body and mind. It is a must-read for anyone who wants to see the forest through the trees or for the unprepared reader who is eager to be surprised by things they didn’t even know existed.

“The Dance of the King” comprises 360 pages, covering 1001 topics, and is packed with countless images

unraveling the hidden messages behind symbols and visual languages.



Rognvaldr (1972) has always been fascinated by ancient civilizations, foreign languages, and occult knowledge. During his training as a graphic designer, he delved into logo design, allowing him to see connections that remain hidden from others. His goal was – and still is – to make as many people as possible aware that there is timeless wisdom behind seemingly familiar symbols and (mental) images.

Readers’ reviews of
“The Dance of the King”

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“The book has arrived, brilliantly organized. I can’t stop reading already!”

“Beautiful book. Truly sublime and unique for the Dutch language area. Incredibly informative. You’ll view the world with different eyes after reading.”

“It’s a must-have when you see it. And when you open it; a candy box!”

“Your book is amazing. Finally, a book on symbols, not just with fragmentary explanations but with connections and a storyline. I’m enjoying it immensely.”

“A beautiful book (layout, full-color artwork, …). Right from the introduction, there’s a lot of information about words/sounds/forms. Even though I already knew quite a bit, this book is very comprehensive and clear, making you look at the world of logos and shapes differently. It also encourages deeper thinking. Excellent work!!!”

“The mystique is like invisible threads connecting us humans. Time and again, Rognvaldr, you make the invisible visible. Your book ‘The Dance of the King’ is a recommendation for everyone in marketing, advertising, PR, and well, for everyone.”

“A delightful book to read. Not only is it beautifully designed; I’ve been taken into the world of symbols, hidden meanings, ancient knowledge, and connections I didn’t see before. Highly recommended!”

“My friend and colleague showed me your book, and I was almost drooling. It looks stunning!”

“Splendid book. Belongs at High School and College. Provides the depth we’re all looking for.”

“It’s a feast for the eyes!”

“Wow, so much information!”

“Robert Langdon can take a lesson from this…” (Editor’s note: Robert Langdon is the art history professor and symbol expert in Dan Brown’s bestseller ‘The Da Vinci Code.’)

“Only read a few chapters and the fascination and sometimes astonishment keep growing. Thanks for the many insights and eye-openers.”

“An extraordinarily extensive book with many perspectives. If you want to peek outside your comfort zone, this is definitely a must-read.”

“A delight to read, immersing you in a bath full of symbolism from various currents. A delightful book with wonderfully surprising and unexpected turns!”

“I thought I knew the meaning of most logos… But this was unexpected.”

“It’s the kind of book I’ve been looking for for a while, but didn’t seem to exist, at least not in this extensive form. And I can imagine that all the research prior to writing and the writing itself must have been a joy!”

“Beautifully designed. Lots of info. Thank you for compiling all this knowledge.”

“Interesting book in a world where you’re inundated with information. The author goes back to the basics and then some. Very accessibly written with lots of illustrations. Fun to read yourself and original as a gift.”

“Super interesting, especially if you’re interested in symbolism. Engaging themes and revealing. Also a beautiful addition in terms of design. It’s a book you pick up now and then, read some themes, and look at the beautiful visuals. So, a book for life!”

“Fascinating reflections…”

“You really did beautiful work with this book! It’s nice to see that you’ve thought about every detail. You can just read your heart into it.”

“Highly recommended! There’s so much in it that you have to read a small piece at a time to take it all in.”

“I think there’s no one in the whole world who has written such a comprehensive book on this subject as Rognvaldr. A true masterpiece.”

The Dance of the King
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