Logos with sexappeal

Sex sells. That applies to logotypes as well. Did you know that through specific logo design, you can influence the behavior between men and women?

Dr. Robert Lomas, a natural scientist, has conducted extensive research on the effects of traditional symbols, especially those from the Stone Age. These symbols, found in both men and women, stimulate sexual interest in the right hemisphere of their brains. Lomas discovered, using Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) techniques, that people unconsciously start sweating when attracted by a primal symbol. This happens regardless of their age, social class, native language, or cultural and ethnic background.

Furthermore, the brain ensures that the sense of smell is stimulated and becomes more receptive. And, as you know, the scent of fresh sweat can be quite attractive in certain cases…

So, you could conclude that wearing a (primal) symbol makes you more attractive to the opposite sex. What symbols are these?