The temptation of Starbucks

Around 1971, Starbucks chose the image of the mermaid with two tails for the packaging of coffee beans, obviously to tempt coffee lovers. The 16th-century engraving of the Goddess of the Sea was discovered in an old seafarer’s book and appealed to the founders.

However, this engraving is based on Melusine, a seductive (water)fairy that appeared in stories among the Ancient Etruscans (100 BCE). She has two tails and, like the mermaid, is a symbol of kundalini (a powerful life energy) that requires both male and female input. Starbucks subtly hides the Holy Trinity, a theme that frequently appears in my book, by creating a triangle or pyramid shape with three pentagrams. Two in the green ring and one in the crown of the water fairy. In the tarot deck, the 3 Pentacles (Coins) is a positive sign; the card represents professional ambition, recognition, and achieving success. Additionally, the pentagram is used as the symbol of the seductive Venus, and the oxidized green color of her copper element completes the Starbucks logo.

Almost complete because I still want to mention something about the name Starbucks. The word “bucks” has two meanings…